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An independent group of translators, editors and business writers with a background in aerospace, defence and high-tech industry


Editorial Translation

We help high-tech organisations communicate their brands in English, French and other major languages, providing editorial support and local content for news stories, marketing communications, company reports, websites and social media. 

Clients trust us because we ask them questions and listen to their feedback. Because we understand their technologies and long-term objectives. And because local readers from other cultures say they find our content clear and convincing. 

We don't call it transcreation or cross-cultural transformation. We call it editorial translation — and we're proud to be doing it professionally, after all these years, for some of Europe's most attractive tech companies.

Editorial (EN)

Video Subtitling

In the past, we subtitled films for television on a Quantafont console. It was clunky and slow but the results were professional, and some of our movies went on to win industry awards. 


Better technology has made subtitles much more fun to produce. But getting viewers to read them is still a balancing act. Discreet yet impactful, video subtitles at their best are something of an art form. 


Adding compelling subtitles to corporate videos and multimedia projects is still a great way to create value for local audiences. 


We create subtitles for any platform in any standard format, and if you need high-resolution video files with the subtitles burned in, we can do that too.

Video (EN)

All politics are local, because local issues are the key to a politician's success. In a world of global brands and markets, we believe the same is true of content.


Local content has the power to engage local stakeholders and influence outcomes in every walk of life. It's critical to the success of your global brand communication strategy.


Ask us how we can help you create authentic local content that will engage your audiences and influence your followers.

Contact (EN)


Paris : 01 81 22 43 44

Mobile : 06 61 57 48 42

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